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Tammy's Teaching Tips

On this page, I have added some helpful tips I have used throughout my years of teaching. Again, feel free to submit any ideas you may have on the "Submit an idea" page.

Daily Schedule
Alternate between quiet (sit-down) activities and ones where children are active and moving around.

Bulletin Board
Tired of the same old butcher paper backdrops? Try these:
*Cover your bulletin board with newspaper.
*Buy fabric pieces from a thrift store. The selections are endless.
*Try brown paper bags (opened up and cut into large sheets). Very fallish.
*Try aluminum foil around the holiday time.

Parent Involvement Ideas
Photographer: Invite parents along to photograph special events and field trips with the classroom camera.
Teacher's Helper: Post a request for one or more parents/older siblings/grandparents to assist with things like cutting out pictures or patterns, making playdoh, making games, etc.
Collector: Ask your parents to collect/save "junk" that can be used in the classroom.

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